I was born in Canada but my family comes from Guatemala. Growing up, I always loved movies but I never saw myself making one because I didn't think it was a path open for me. I decided to study in fashion design but I ended up working in graphic design. Thanks to my job, I was finally able to afford a DSLR and learn photography as a hobby.

As I was learning how to take pictures, I started getting interested in using my camera for video. I read several books on filmmaking, watched many helpful YouTube videos, trying to get as much information as I could. I ultimately managed to teach myself how to record sound, edit, color grade, make VFX and film.

One day I decided to test myself by making a short film for a contest to prove I could do it. The short film was actually well received and it motivated me to keep going down this path. Now I keep making short films so I can get better at telling stories so that I can one day make my own feature.
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